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เพลง ลูกอม English Version by Eraumusic


เนื้อเพลง ลูกอม English Ver by Eraumusic
Tonight the sky is so full of light , we do embrace and we stare the sky , with my heart ,I feel you next to me . I feel the Moon that shines the light of love , i appreciate , I’ve got the love from you , from my heart , from now, only you ..

* But i don’t know where’re all the stars that used to shine to me , and i don’t know our love tomorrow’s gonna be , but i know , i do

There’s only you, love only you. Embrace you with the love that cannot explain. Don’t you know , My heart belongs to you .Every word that I would say from my heart. I will fly the sky with all the stars , get rid of everything that will let you down . Sing this song for you , it belongs to you , and i promise i will take care of you

I know sometimes that i have let you down , and everytime you just let it go , forgive me , embrace me with your heart .

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